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Dr. Amelia Montone
ENEA, Material Technology Unit
C.R. Casaccia
Via Anguillarese, 301
00123 Roma (Italy)
tel: +39 0630484762
e-mail: amelia.montone@enea.it
The International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (mESC-IS 2015) and Summer School on Energy Storage and Conversion was held in METU Ankara (Turkey) from in Ankara (7-8-9 September) with more than 110 participants. Organizers thank the assistants for their participation in the conference and in the Summer School (Link to mESC-IS 2015). Almost 80 students have been in the Summer School (around 30 with COST support). They have acquired a nice background about different subjects related to energy conversion and storage (batteries, SSHS, fuel cells) compounds and their characterization techniques (TEM, Raman, FTIR, kinetic measurements, etc.).

The International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (mESC-IS 2015) was organizated by Prof. Tayfur from METU. A total of 127 presentations were done; 19 plenaries, 57 oral presentations in parallel sessions and 51 posters. Nearly equal number in SSHS, Batteries and Fuel Cells. A total of 114 participants (13 with COST support). Congratulations to organizers!!

During the Closing Session the Poster Awards were giving to Akihira Matsuyama, Duygu Özdemir, Elif Das, Aysenur Öztürk, Sanja Miloševic, and Yang Shen. Congratulations to all of them!!

Conference dinner.

E-MRS 2015 Fall Meeting Symposium C "Hydrogen storage in solids: materials, systems and application trends" related to our Cost-Action will be held from 15th-18th September at Warsaw. You are cordially invited to submit your abstract through this web-site before May 25th, 2015 (Link to E-MRS Fall Meeting). Please note that as already decided we will also have our final MC meeting during the E-MRS conference. COST will support MC Members for their participation (travel, accommodation and meals) to the Joint Event (E-MRS Symposium + MC Meeting), not including though E-MRS registration fee. Of course, if an MC member wishes to attend only the MC Meeting, he/she does not have to pay the E-MRS registration fee (but then he/she will not be allowed to take part in our or other E-MRS sessions).

The MH2014 Summer School was a great success and was attended by 39 students from institutions in 15 different countries, with 16 different nationalities represented. The programme included an initial day of introductory lectures at the University of Salford buildings at MediaCity UK in Manchester, followed by a day at Hiden Isochema in Warrington, during which the students were able to see hydrogen sorption measurements in progress on a number of different instruments. This practical demonstration day allowed a thorough discussion of the important considerations for the performance of accurate hydrogen sorption measurements. After an intensive day at Hiden Isochema, the students were able to take a break from the scientific programme and enjoyed a one day excursion to the picturesque village of Grasmere in the Lake District. The summer school then concluded back at MediaCity UK with a final day of lectures by invited speakers who each specialise in different microscopic techniques, including inelastic neutron scattering, powder diffraction, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Raman and Infrared (IR) spectroscopies. The initial feedback we have received has been very positive and we very much hope that the students both enjoyed and benefited from the varied programme on offer.”

The IDHEA conference was held in Nantes (France) from 12nd to 14th May 2014 with more than 250 participants. Organizers thank the assistants for their participation in the conference.

E-MRS 2013 Fall Meeting Symposium C "Nanostructured materials for solid state hydrogen storage" was held from 17th-19th September at Warsaw (Poland) related to our Cost-Action.
More than 60 participants have assisted (even higher than the average assistance number in the Fall Meeting). Participants have presented (by oral and poster presentations) last results about its research in hydrogen storage field covering different topics: complex hydrides, classic hydrides, computional modelling, hydrogen storage tank development, etc. During the Symposium, a Young Research Meeting was also held (Chair: M. Polanski) to facilitate the contact among the young researchers of our Cost Action. More relevant results of the Symposium will be published in a Special Issue entitled "Nanostructurated materials for Solid State Hydrogen Storage" in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Finally, organizers thank the assistants for their partipation in the Symposium as well as the local organizers for its warm support.

The Training School on Transmission Electron Microscopy on sensitive materials was held at EMAT last June ( link ). A state-of-the-art training in Transmission Electron Microscopy at the highest level was provided to more than 20 participants.

The third Scientific COST-MP1103 Meeting was held the last day of the 7th International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy at Stoos, Switzerland. This Meeting included an overview about the current status of the Actions carried out by Working Group leaders, Vicechair and Chair. Future prospects (with relevance to next ERS, Training Networks and the organization of E-MRS symposium) were also indicated.

More than 160 young scientists from around the world (more than 30 countries have participated) gathered at the University of Belgrade, Serbia on the three-day conference in early December to attempt to answer the challenge: use of hydrogen instead of fossil fuel. The Institute of Nuclear Sciences with the Technical Institute of SASA and under the auspices of the COST Action MP1103, the University of Belgrade, the Gallery of Science and Technology of SASA, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade and Serbia, the Embassy of Italy from 03-05.12.2012 organizes joint conferences in the field of nanomaterials, renewable energy sources and hydrogen storage materials:

The joint event of the 11th Young Researchers' Conference: Materials Science and Engineering and the 1st European Early Stage Researchers' Conference on Hydrogen Storage

The idea of this conference, which brings together young scientists at the beginning of their careers and their mentors, is to promote renewable energy sources, hydrogen as a primary energy carrier, through the presentation of results in the form of lectures and posters, and lively scientific discussion. This conference is the state of the art of the research activities related to hydrogen storage in the international COST Action MP1103. The results presented at this meeting will be the subject of special issues of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, which is one of the top periodicals in the field of renewable energy, chemistry and physics. The editorial board is entrusted to Dr. Jasmina Grbovic Novakovic from the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Dr. Amelia Montone from ENEA, Italy and Dr. Andreas Zuttel from EMPA Switzerland. The book of abstract is in attachment as a scientific contribution from this conference. More than 60 papers have been presented in oral and poster section.

The chairman of our Action, Prof. A. Montone, has presented a poster in the 6th Annual Progress Conference (APC) for the EU Cost Domain Committe Materials, Physics and Nanosciences on September 11-12th 2012 in Dublin. The Poster is available to download from Documents. ( link )

The first Scientific COST-MP1103 Meeting was held in ENEA, Lungotevere Thaon di Revel, 76, Rome, 13-15 February 2012. This Meeting included a Plenary Session with prestigious speakers, the Kick Off Meetings of the Action’s Working Groups and a round table discussion among young researchers. ( link )

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